Info For Upcoming Donation Stream

26 Sep

For those of you that were not in my last stream on Saturday, I will be hosting a Donation Stream this coming weekend starting on Friday afternoon. A video will be posted on my YouTube channel before I set up so keep an eye out. That said, here’s what the stream will be for.

My family and I have been going through some financial troubles and we’re struggling the best we can to try and make ends meet. Due to circumstances, my mom has been finding it harder to get a job. My current job has had some recent cutbacks on work hours which doesn’t help any better with the income. Bills have been piling up and we’re on the risk of possibly losing one or two utilities for the household. Add to the fact that the economy has been down the crapper and still sinking and you pretty much have an idea of what’s going on.

So that’s pretty much where we stand. I’m hoping and praying that things will turn around soon, but bills will not wait. This is something that will have to be dealt with before then. So to help us try and stay afloat, I’m hoping to raise at least $500. It should be enough to keep us going for a bit longer and to keep food on the table and so on.

Here’s where you come in. If you see this blog and/or see the video on my channel that talks about the donation stream, if you can please pass the message along to everyone you know. Get the word out. The more people the merrier. Also, do come out to the stream if you can. Any support you can provide would be greatly appreciated. If you can donate a few dollars, every little bit helps. But even if you can’t donate, the important thing is getting the word out and letting people know of this ASAP. As I said, the event starts this Friday so you have time.

I have of course taken into consideration of what to do for you in return for your generous donations. Here is a list of what you will be able to get with how much you donate for the cause:

Those that advertise the video about this by either featuring it or even uploading it to their YT channels get a shout-out from me showing how much I appreciate you helping out. Send me a private message if you do advertise this so I’ll know in advance.

$2.50-Request a song to be played + 1 Raffle Ticket

$5.00-Request one game to be played for 30 min + 2 Raffle Tickets

$7.50-Request a game with a special restriction for 45 min + 3 Raffle Tickets

$10.00-Request a game to be played for 1 hour + 4 Raffle Tickets

$12.50-Request a game to be played for 1 hour and 15 min with special restriction + 5 Raffle Tickets

$15.00-Request a game to be played for 1 hour and 30 min + 6 Raffle Tickets

$17.50-Request a game to be played for 1 hour and 45 min with a special restriction + 7 Raffle Tickets

$20.00+-Request a game to be played for 2 hours + 8 Raffle Tickets

Note: Example for special restrictions can be something like, what character you want me using or what method of attack you want me to use on a boss or something like that.

As for Raffle tickets, yes I will be also holding a raffle for this event as well. Every $2.50 that’s donated by one person will get their name put in a list for the drawing to come later on. The maximum one person is allowed is 8 tickets. Here are the prizes that are up for grabs:

1) Free 1920×1080 Intro for vids by Neon-San
2) Art of your choosing by Starlightcasi05
3) YT Layout to be done by Canis Skye
4) Copy of Grand Theft Auto Vice City (PS2)
5) Copy of Samurai Warriors (PS2)

Note: For the people that win the first three prizes, have your info ready as far as what details you want for your art/YT Layout. For the intro, Neon will have a number of choices to provide for what intro you want.

That’s not all. I also have a list of bonuses for each $100 mark we make. Something special me and some of my friends can do for your enjoyment. His is what I will do for each marker that is met:

$100: Surprise Video that has not officially been publicized yet.

$200: Live fandub/dramatic reading of something funny.

$300: LP to the person that gets to the mark, his/her choice.

$400: Will do two maybe 3 songs live. One of my choosing, one of the person’s choosing, and possibly one mystery.

$500: Announce that we reached the mark. And also attempt an LP of a ridiculously hard game (ex IWTBG, Cat Mario, etc.)

One more thing to address, gotta lay a few ground rules down:

1) Don’t spam!

2) Do not  ask to be a mod in the stream. I will have a few people of my choosing taking care of that.

3) Do not beg to be in skype calls that may go on during the stream. I’ve seen this a number of times. If I want someone in a call, I will come to you.

4) Be on your best behavior in the chat. We’re here to have fun, not cause total chaos to others.

5) If one starts causing any trouble and cannot follow these rules, a 3 Strike Rule will be implemented. First strike gets you a warning. Second strike gets you kicked from the stream. Third strike gets you banned for good.

Hopefully, this shouldn’t be a problem, but gotta keep my bases covered ya know.

That’s pretty much it for right now. Thanks for hearing me out and I hope to see you guys at the stream this weekend. Let’s have some fun, good times and all that jazz hehe. See you guys there!


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